Project Portfolio

New Driveway

The original driveway was made of tarmac and was badly cracked, the customer wanted the driveway taken out and replacing with 6" of concrete

Garden Makeover - Brighouse

This client had an extremely over-grown front garden, which was dug out completely and replaced with a low maintenance, but very effect design.

New Wheelie Bin Area - Brighouse

This is a repeat client for Paul Dobson and incorporated a paving area with steps and retaining wall to match the patio area, which had also been installed by Paul. It improved access greatly and provided a proper storage area for wheelie bins.

Fencing Project

The customer was having problems keeping up with her high maintenance garden and decided that a fence was the easiest option. We dug out the garden, including the removal of a large tree stump, before fitting the new fence.

We returned several months later to landscape her garden and build an oriental pond with a water fall.